About Me

Those who know me often tell me that I am good looking. However, despite my above average looks, there was a period of time when I could only watch as other guys around me continue to get the hot chics. Try as I might, I continued to face one rejection after another. It came to a point where I doubted if I will ever find a girlfriend.

Today I am happily married. As of now, I would rather keep my identity a mystery for 2 reasons:

  1. Out of respect for the privacy of my family, especially my beautiful wife; and
  2. I am currently employed and my employer would not be too pleased to find out a run a site on courting girls

Why I Created This Site?

While I do get paid a commission for all products sold through my site, my main motivation for creating this site is because I know how it feels like to be unloved, lonely and even desperate. How each Valentine’s Day would go by without a date, what attending prom night alone felt like and how I yearned each lonely night that someone special would soon come along.

The above were real painful experiences and thus one which I hope no others will ever have to go through. By creating this site, I hope to help those in need find their special someone, just like how I eventually found mine.

How Did it all Change For Me? 

You see, my parents were real strict when I was a kid. I used to get scolded so much that I eventually had a very low self-esteem and thus was totally a nervous wreck each time I meet a girl I like. I did not know that lack of confidence was my problem then. My turning point came when I eventually told myself that enough was enough and began studying courtship as though it was an academic subject.

Through investing in books with topics ranging from Charisma, Flirting to Courtship and Confidence Building and eventually putting everything I learned into practice, I soon realised that I had what it takes to attract women and even flirt with them with a level of confidence I never knew I had. I eventually courted and dated a model who in turn became my wife. And because it took me so long to find my one true love, I truly cherish her and hope that you, my readers, will soon find your true love as well.

My Belief

Because of my personal experience, I truly believe that everyone can learn How to Court a Girl.  And from my personal journey, beginning with my many failures to eventually winning the hand of the girl of my dreams, I have read and thus acquired much knowledge on courting girls. My goal is thus to share this knowledge as best as I can in the hope that everyone can benefit from it and win the heart of their own special someone.

I have one condition though. Please use the knowledge acquired from this site responsibly. By that I mean to use it, by all means, to find your true love and not break someone else’s heart.

Good luck.