Courting a Girl – How to Initiate a Kiss

So your date is going really well.  She is cuddling up to you, putting her head on your shoulders, whispering sweet nothing into your ears and you feel that there is chemistry between the both of you. You feel the romance in the air and very much want to kiss her but am not sure if she is ready for that first kiss.  At the back of your mind, you are worried that one wrong move may end or worst still, ruin beyond repair any chance you may have in courting her. So what should you do?  More specifically, how do you initiate the first kiss?

Simple, just test her readiness. Slowly but confidently, reach out and touch her hair and at the same time compliment her for it (this is assuming she truly has beautiful hair). It is important you do not appear nervous or unsure as you reach out. Watch her reaction. If she appears relax and comfortable with your initial move, do another trial. This time around, move in closer and reach out again, touching and lightly brushing the side of her face, as you continue looking gently in her eyes while softly whispering to her. If she still appears comfortable and relax or better still, moves even closer towards you, it’s a hint that she might be attracted to you and is ready to be kissed. Move in slowly and gently (do not scare her) and go for it. By that, we mean to go for a light peck on the cheek or even on the lips. Do not overwhelm her at this stage with an all-out kiss; instead, leave her wanting more.

To successfully initiate the first kiss, it helps too if you spend some time planning the setting for it. For example, you can take her to the top of a high building overlooking the city.  At night, with the city all lit up, it adds to the atmosphere of romance and will make that first kiss all the more memorable. When courting a girl and especially when initiating that first kiss, some preparation beforehand can make the difference between an ordinary and an extraordinary courtship experience.

Meanwhile, if you have never kissed a girl before, it helps too that you play out the scene in your mind’s eye at least a few times before the actual day. As with every stage in the process of courting a girl, you need to appear confident as you go about setting up that successful first kiss and thus, some visualisation of the experience will help you prepare for it.

Finally, if despite all the planning and the kiss did not happen, there is still a chance after the date when you send her home. If your culture permits, give her a light peck on the cheek at the door and let her know that you had a great time.

Good luck on that first kiss. When it comes to courting a girl, a learning how to initiate a kiss is important.

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