Courting a Girl with Confidence

Confidence is everything when it comes to courting a girl; it rubs on to those around you, often leaving them feeling good about you.  More importantly, it leaves a girl feeling secure around you and even attracted to you. In addition, confident people are perceived to be winners, often firmly in control of whatever situation or challenges live may bring. Thus confident people are easily able to present a winning image that naturally attracts and impress the women around them. In short, confidence is a necessary ingredient when it comes to courting a girl.

However, not all of us are naturally confident. And given the importance of confidence in the whole courtship process, how then do we develop the necessary confidence?

How to Court a Girl with Confidence?

Like anything in life, confidence has to be slowly built.  While there are many ways, my personal favorites are Affirmation and Action


We all know the positive effect of receiving sincere praise and compliments often from others; very simply, it increases our self-esteem.  Unfortunately, to a certain extent, we are unable to control when we will be praised next or if at all. Thus rather than rely on others for the occasional praises and compliments, why not rely on ourselves to feed our mind with positive affirmations constantly instead? By repeatedly telling ourselves (even silently in our hearts) that we are good, attractive, charismatic etc, there will come a time when our subconscious mind will believe it and thus boost our overall confidence in ourselves and our abilities to court a girl.

The best time to feed our minds with positive statements about our ability to court girls is just before we sleep.  At this time, because we are drifting from consciousness to sleep, such affirmations tend to be able to find their way pass our logical mind and into our subconscious more easily.

If you are serious about using positive affirmations to build up your confidence around girls, we suggest writing and then recording down a series of positive statements which you can then playback each night before you sleep. And when penning down your statements, use only positive language. For example, avoid saying, “I am not ugly.” Instead say, “I am attractive.” Also make it a point to phrase them in the present rather than future tense, as in “I am confident” as opposed to “I am going to be confident.”


While it is generally accepted that affirmations do work, they are not an immediate cure for lack of confidence around women. To speed things up, you will need to take action to confront your fears, one baby step at a time. Why? Because taking baby steps will ensure more successes and as we all know, success breeds success and instills further confidence. If you are successful in any task 100% of the time, wouldn’t you automatic have the confidence to get it done?

Applying the above to the area of courtship, it means that if your fear is in approaching a girl, confront it, but do so in small baby steps.  For example, begin by smiling and wishing anyone you meet a good day. Do it daily till you become confident enough to progress to the next step. Next, make it a point to approach and casually talk to a stranger or two each day. If you are still not confident approaching a girl, then approach guys first and learn to enjoy a casual conversation with them. Over time, as your confidence develop, progress towards chatting up with girls that do not set your hearts fluttering. Finally, once chatting up any stranger (whether a guy or a girl) becomes second nature to you, progress towards approaching and courting those girls you really like.

As can be seen, the progression should be in baby steps.  This is important as it helps ensure that you will have sufficient success each step of the courtship process towards your final goal. Nothing kills off confidence faster than a series of unwanted rejections and that is likely to occur if you try biting more than you can chew by going straight for the girl that set your heart fluttering and  knees shaking. Your lack of confidence will likely trigger the rejection, which in turn further lowers your confidence leading to a self-fulfilling prophecy that you are not worthy to court her or any girl in her league.

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