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What if You are Looking for Stuff other Than Courtship Books?

We understand, and that is why we provided the discount finder below. Go ahead, try it and thereafter, tell us about your user experience by commenting below.


If you are using the above tool for the very first time, here are somethings you might wish to note:

  1. Country refers to the country in which the Amazon store resides. You can choose between USA, UK and Canada
  2. If you are looking for books on dating and courtship, choose the USA store, followed by category “Books” and sub-category “Reference”
  3. In the Discount fields, simply enter the range of discounts one in each field e.g. to search for items on between 60% to 80% discount, enter 60% in the first field and 80% in the second discount field
  4. In the keyword box, simply type “love and courtship guide”

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