Guy Gets Girl Review

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If you are looking for an honest review of Guy Gets Girl, you have come to the right place. Here you can find out whether Guy Gets Girl is a scam or not. If you are however looking for the actual site itself, then:

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And because this is an honest review, I will be touching on both the positives and the areas I personally do not like, so if what I say is not to your liking, I hope you will bear with me.

What I Like About Guy Gets Girl

Initially, what attracted me to invest in this guide was that it is the first guide of its kind written by a woman for guys like us. I had thought it would be interesting to understand courtship from the female perspective.

After buying though, I was pleasantly surprise by both the quality and comprehensiveness of Tiffany’s program.  Guy Gets Girl alone is divided into 3 eBooks, beginner, intermediate and advance.  My personal favorites were the beginners and advance books partly because the beginners book was solely written by Tiffany herself and book 3, the advance book was co-written by her; I had after all, purchased her program with the sole reason of wanting to learn her insights on courtship.

Another plus point is her bonus materials e.g. HypnoDate, and Conversation King just to name a few. These not junk materials but rather standalone programs retailing seperately on their own. Check out their respective sites and see it for yourself: Hypnodate and Conversation King

With Tiffany’s Guy Get’s Girl program plus the packaged bonus materials, you will have in your arsenal, everything you really need to know to get you started in dating and courtship.

For example, if you lack confidence in dealing with women, HypnoDate will help. And if you feel tongue tight or simply fear approaching women, Conversation King will give you all you need to know to master the art of approaching and talking to girls effortlessly.

What I like best about Conversation King is the style of approach used; the same natural, situational style that I talk about in my post, Courting a Girl – How to Approach a Girl, albeit with much more details and examples.

If you need first date ideas (other than the usual dinner and movie) you will love Tiffany’s tips. And I personally love her idea on how to plan a romantic candlelight dinner for two at your own home.  Adopt some of her suggestions and you will easily stand out from the competition and your girl will love you for it.

What I Don’t Like About Guy Gets Girl

If you have read my blog post about the purpose of this blog, you will know that I advocate responsible dating and this blog was created to help people learn to find and court the love of their life. It is not my intention to teach people to become players and use the skills acquired here to hurt a girl or break her heart. I am thus also not for dating for the purpose of getting laid.

Unfortunately, because Tiffany’s program (together with the bonus materials) is so comprehensive, it inevitably covers not just how to court a girl but also how to bed her.  I thus struggled initially on whether to even write about her program on my blog.  I eventually decided to feature it because it contains a lot of useful knowledge which I feel you, my readers, will benefit from.

Another disappointment was that the intermediate book of Guy Get’s Girl (book 2) was not written by Tiffany but rather by another guy. I find the writing style a little more difficult to follow and the material nothing really new or refreshing even though the writer had interviewed many women just to give us the insights he shared in book 2.

My conclusion

Get Guy’s Girl is worth investing in. I really enjoyed reading it myself and learned a lot from it. Don’t take my word for it though. Check out Tiffany’s site yourself.