How to Court a Girl – Asking Her Out

To know how to court a girl, you must first know how to ask her out.  As simple as it sounds, for many, asking a girl out on a first date can be very nerve wrecking indeed, especially if she is someone real special. And as such, some of us simply never ever muster up enough courage to get the job done, allowing opportunity after opportunity to slip us by. Eventually another guy will come along and we inevitably end up watching helplessly as he steals the girl of our dreams right before our very eyes, all because we did not have the courage to even ask her out. While we agree that this sucks, it is unfortunately the way things are; as guys, we have to initiate the first move. So is there a way we can ensure success each time we ask for a date? While there may never be a single one size fits all formula when it comes to dating and courting girls, if you follow the 5 simple tips outlined below, your chances of success in courting a girl and asking her out will increase significantly.

1. Wait for the Right Setting

As with every other aspect of courting a girl, make sure the setting is right before making your move. By right setting, I mean the mood is light and relaxed and you happen to be alone with her. This is important because you will want to appear relaxed, confident and calm when you make your move. By asking her when there are others around or if the environment is tense, you are simply giving yourself more stress and thus risk appearing tense and nervous.

2.  Make Asking for the Date a Natural Extension of Your Conversation

Whatever you do, don’t ever pop that all important question out of the blue. This will appear very unnatural and will put both of you in an awkward position. And trust me, in the early stages of courtship, you don’t want her to feel awkward in anyway.  Instead, make it easy for her to say yes to you. How? By steering the conversation towards something both of you share a common interest in and making the date a natural extension of that conversation.. For example, if the two of you share a common interest in musicals and there happen to be a famous musical coming to town, then steer your conversion towards the topical of musicals and when the conversation is going well with both of you talking enthusiastically, simple suggest that the two of should you catch the musical together. It would appear very natural and thus accepting your date will become a natural thing for her to do.

3. Give Her a Choice of Meeting Place

If she says yes to the date, give her a choice of meeting place. Ask her nicely if she would prefer you to pick her from her home or meet you at the venue itself. This is especially important if you are chatting up this girl for the very first time. She may not feel comfortable enough yet to give you (someone she had just met moments ago) her address so it is best to give her a choice of meeting place and not assume. By giving her a choice, it will also make you appear more gentlemanly in her eyes, which is very important if you intend to court her.

4. Get Her Number

Once the meeting place is set, take the opportunity to ask for her number (if you do not yet already have it). Asking for her number now also becomes very natural since she has already agreed to the date.

5.  Be Yourself

Finally, as far as possible, try to be yourself. Never pretend to act like somebody else just to impress or court her. That said, steer clear too of pick-up lines.  Instead, be original.  Why? Because if she is going to like you, it has to be for who you are.

While the above tips may be simple, they are important. This is because without her agreeing to go on dates with you, it will be difficult to woo her.  Getting the date is thus an important aspect of learning how to court a girl.

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