How to Talk to a Girl – Handling Awkward Silence

Have you ever experience a situation where after introducing yourself to someone you have just met, your mind simply goes blank and you are at a loss for words?  Because our minds, when in a relax state, processes information at a rate faster than we can ever imagine, this almost away does not happen unless we are nervous, stressed or overwhelmed. And to make matters worse, when it comes to courting girls, it is usually the beautiful or special ones who will make our hearts beat a notch faster, our nerves jittery and our mouths loss for words.  This is often followed by awkward silence and then one party excusing him or herself, thus ending a conversation that never began in the first place and another loss opportunity to court a girl.

So what should you do the next time you are faced such a situation of awkward silence when talking to a girl?

Because awkward silence is the result of stress or nervousness, any good method should help both your target and you feel more relax so that good free flowing conversation can take place.  Here are two tips I personally find helpful. And before you write them off as too difficult, the paragraphs at the end of this article will teach you how these two techniques can easily be mastered:

Tell a Joke (Show Your Humorous Side)

A joke or witty comment drawing on your current situation or environment would be best. Unfortunate, for most of us, because our minds are already blank, being witty will not be easy. That being the case, any joke that is safe yet funny and won’t make you a clown will do. Avoid jokes that are racist, reflects your prejudice, outright gross or in any way, likely to offend rather than relax the girl you are talking to.

When delivering the joke, don’t say can I tell you a joke; simply go into it. And at the end of the joke, don’t go into a sheepish smile or laugh uncontrollably at your own joke.  The aim of your joke is to make her laugh, relax the both of you and impress upon her that you are a fun guy to be with.  Hence you should take the opportunity to relax and smile confidently as you watch her laugh and gain your way into her heart.

Perform a Trick

Take an everyday object and simply perform a trick to lighten the mood. Choose a trick that is simple yet amazing and gives you an excuse to hold her hand.

A word of caution though; don’t perform more than two tricks no matter how hard she presses you for more. Magic is good for breaking the ice, lightening a tense atmosphere and most importantly, creating a sense of mystery and intrigue around you. Over performing destroys this advantage and makes you look like nothing more than a performing monkey or a clown, neither of which is a good image for attracting girls

Many girls will ask how the trick is done and you will need to know how to handle the situation.  If the setting is right, for example you are at somewhere romantic, you could take the opportunity to teach her (just 1 trick and not everything), giving you the perfect excuse to touch and even hold her hands.  If the setting is not right, decline politely.  For me, when asked how I did it, I simply say with a confident smile,” Pretty well, don’t you think?” and move on to another conversation topic.

 What if You Are Not Natually Humorous and Can’t Perform Tricks

By now, some of you may be wondering what to do if you can’t tell a joke or perform a trick. The good news is everyone can.  It does not take much effort to read up on some good jokes and master a magic trick or two.  For jokes, simply Google for them and for tricks, YouTube has got some pretty good stuff.

If you are serious about learning how to court a girl, then putting in some effort to learn a good trick/ joke or two will go a long way towards making you desirable in from of women.

For those who need more help on how to talk to a girl, Conversation King is a program I personally like.

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